The new Fall/Winter Collection 2015-16 Hosio

The new fall/winter 2015/16 collection by Hosio, designed by Roberto Vavassori, designer and entrepreneur who gave life to the brand in 2013, takes inspirations from the luxurious atmospheres of the mythical Grand Hotels where the luxury was shown off by the richness of the velvets, damask textiles and aged precious metals.
Hosio is an easy chic brand, casual and sophisticated, contemporary with pure lines, constructed with precious materials. The choice of the fabrics with a rich texture, mixed with modern graphics, create the image of a urban Dandy with an oriental charm, constructed with avand-garde sartorial shapes which exalt the clean and essential looks with splendid details, contemporary or classic glamour. The fabrics are a reinterpretation of the classics and the lines are more extreme, choosing softer volumes and overlapping lengths. The new “over” proportions influence the collection, from the trench to the pants, passing through the t-shits and sweaters. The rich is opposed to the poor, that are the very light wools and velvets mixed with the denim and matched to the classical fabrics with military roots. Prints and tiny geometrical diamond micro-draws or stylised floral. Shiny tuxedo as sartorial denim detail. The blazers are lighter, the t-shirts are pointelle pierced, the bomber is in jersey; the new sweaters are in doubleface print knitting, the pants are voluminous or pierced, since they’re inspired by the jogging-wear. The items inspired by tailoring are precise in their making but they become casual thanks to the overlap with over or longer t-shirts. The jackets are made with velvet, worn with light wool turtleneck and sartorial denim. The colours of the collection are rigorous, creamy-white and black as base, on which different chromatic effects are constructed: the lining, the optical textures and the stylised prints are opposed to the indigo blu-bluette tones, dark green and brown, with very cold tones. EMMEGIERRE Fashion, founded by Roberto Vavassori and his brother, succeeded immediately in their project, becoming one of the main brands of menswear, capable of creating a “Made in Italy” that is classical, contemporary and innovative at the same time.


HOSIO AI 2015-16 -11 HOSIO AI 2015-16 -7

HOSIO AI 2015-16 -4 HOSIO AI 2015-16 -65

HOSIO AI 2015-16 -44 HOSIO AI 2015-16 -34


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