General Terms and Conditions of Sale

These terms and conditions govern the sale and purchase agreement between the purchaser (hereinafter the “Purchaser”) from the online store (hereinafter the “Website” or “”), and Jilpardo S.r.l., having registered office in Rome (Italy), via Puglie 7, C.F. e P. IVA12571251003 (hereinafter the “Vendor”).

1. Content of the general conditions of sale

The following general conditions of sale govern all contracts of sale concluded between the Purchaser and the Vendor through the Website.

Each contract is subject to the general conditions of sale posted on the website at the moment that the contract is concluded (cf. Article 3).

The Purchaser shall be any natural and/or legal person that operates on the Website for purposes not related to any of their commercial, entrepreneurial or professional activities. If you are not a Purchaser, according to the aforementioned definition, please refrain from entering into any commercial transactions on the Website.

Any amendment proposed by the Purchaser cannot alter the terms and conditions of sale unless expressly accepted in writing by the Vendor.

2. Parties to the contract and geographical area

The online shop is intended to be used exclusively by consumers, i.e. it is reserved for retail sales.

Any complaints about the Website and consignment to the final Purchaser’s domicile must be addressed to the Vendor.

Products offered for sale through the Website shall be consigned to Purchasers who indicate, as the delivery address, an address located in one of the nations included in the list of nations, as published in the relevant section, which can be accessed from any page on the website. If the requested country of consignment is not included among the available countries at the time the order is placed, please contact Customer Care: info@panettatailor. com.

3.Conclusion of the contract

All information on the products present on, such as technical specifications, fabrics, sizes, images, dimensions or compatibility information is not binding and is subject to change at any time, unless they are expressly indicated as binding.

If Purchasers are misled by this information, they may exercise their right withdrawal, as established in the paragraph entitled Right of Return and of Withdrawal.

Offers on the Website are not binding on the Vendor and do not constitute an offer to the public. They are merely an invitatio ad offerendum or invitation to treat.

A Purchase Order from the Purchaser has a value of a binding contractual proposal. The Purchase Order is accepted by the Vendor with an Order Receipt sent via email, showing an extract of the conditions of sale, a description of the characteristics of the product ordered, the essential elements of the contract (price, payment methods), the systems provided by the Vendor for filing the order and storing the data, and procedures for correcting a message containing the order.

The contract is concluded and enters into force when the Purchaser receives the Order Receipt.

If the Purchaser does not receive an Order Receipt or other communication from the Vendor within 24 hours of submitting the Order, the Purchaser should promptly contact the Vendor at the following address: [email protected].

4. Purchase of the products

Purchasers may purchase products displayed in the Website by selecting them and placing them in their cart. When the Purchaser has finished selecting the Products and wishes to proceed with the purchase of Products placed in the cart, he or she provides the required data in order to conclude the contract. In particular, the Purchaser is required to provide their personal data, email address, postal address, the address where the products are to be delivered (if different from the postal address), billing address and a telephone number to receive notification of the delivery date of the Products, in a dedicated section on the website.

If the Purchaser opts to pay by credit card, he/she must provide his/her credit card details over a secure connection which the Vendor can access.

For accounting/administrative reasons, the Vendor reserves the right to verify the details given by the Purchaser.

If payment is made by credit card, the purchase amount will be charged to the Purchaser after the order has been concluded on the website.

Where Products of a limited series are purchased, the Vendor may reserve the right to allow to each Purchaser to purchase only a certain quantity, possibly less than the total number of Products offered for sale. The purchaser may in any case submit an order for a quantity of Products greater than the availability indicated in the Catalogue. In this case, the Vendor reserves the right to accept the Purchaser’s proposal for a quantity exceeding the indicated maximum, after verifying the availability of the Products.

In fact, the Vendor reserves the right to accept the proposal after verifying that the Products have been distributed equally across various markets.

It is understood that if it is not possible to fulfil the Purchaser’s order for surplus quantities, the contract shall be deemed concluded up to the maximum quantity of Products offered.

Some Products which are tailored expressly and/or customised for the Purchaser are offered for sale on the Website. They must be ordered in advance by the Purchaser due to the fact that they are handmade Products of the highest production quality, which are also customised as required by the Purchaser (“Tailored Products”).

By following the instructions on the Website, Purchasers can order Tailored Products according to their own specifications. Purchasers may pay for Products ordered by one of the payment methods indicated on the Website.

5. Delivery of the merchandise

The availability of a Product is indicated in the Website. The delivery times indicated are not binding unless indicated otherwise in a separate agreement. However, the Vendor shall make every effort to comply with the stated delivery times.

The Vendor cannot guarantee that availability information is correct in every case. In such cases, the Purchaser will be immediately informed that the goods will not be delivered and any payments already made by the Purchaser will be refunded without further delay.

Upon receipt of the goods, the Purchaser must immediately check that the consignment is complete and correct and immediately inform the Vendor of any problem by email to the the Customer Care service: [email protected].

6. Delivery prices and costs

The price for the Products is as stated in the Price List published on the website on the day the order is placed and before it is dispatched. Prices indicated include delivery to addresses within the European Union and Switzerland and include VAT. For all other countries, final prices do not include VAT.

Any additional shipping and consignment costs will be determined by the type of consignment and the address of the consignee. These costs are listed separately, both before the order is sent and in the order confirmation sent via email.

The VAT rate is determined in relation to the country of destination of the merchandise ordered. Orders to EU countries are subject to the Italian VAT rate, currently 22%.
Orders to other countries (e.g. Japan, U.S.A.) do not include VAT.

Purchasers are responsible for the payment of taxes, fees and other charges applicable in their country of residence.

7. Payments

Orders placed through may be paid for by credit card. The Vendor may facilitate additional payment methods in the payments section of the Website. All current browsers support SSL encryption. This data cannot be accessed by third parties, not even the Vendor.

8. Guarantee

The Vendor shall issue a legal guarantee of the Product pursuant to Directive 44 /99/EC, against non-conformity to the quality indicated in the contract of sale, in accordance with applicable regulations.The guarantee enables the Purchaser, in the event of any non-conformity of a Product, to obtain, by contacting the Vendor directly, within a reasonable period in view of the nature of the good, the repair the Product (if and insofar as possible), its replacement, a reduction in the price or the termination of the contract.

Any use of the Product in a manner that is not consistent with the instructions of the Vendor/Manufacturer is not covered by the guarantee.

The Vendor shall not be considered responsible for any non-conformity of the Tailored Product due to the erroneous communication of the relevant sizes.

Any claim must be submitted with an indication of proof of purchase (tax document issued by the Vendor after the payment).

Purchasers must make claims promptly, in no case later than than 60 days after the delivery date of the Product.

The Product cannot be used during this period. The claim must be sent electronically to the Vendor, which immediately informs the Purchaser of the methods of sending the Product.

9. Right of Withdrawal

If not satisfied with their purchase for any reason, Purchasers are entitled to withdraw from the contract without any penalty by completing the relevant form on the Website or by sending an e-mail to info@panettatailorspecifying, in the object field, “Withdrawal” or “Rendered”, within 15 working days of the date of delivery of the order.

The Purchaser may exercise the right of withdrawal, within the aforementioned term, through the procedure specified below, only after filling out the form available on the Website or after sending the relevant e-mail.

Products must be returned, at the Purchaser’s expense, to the following address: via Puglie 7, Roma (RM). 

The Products must be returned in the condition in which they were received, i.e. in a perfect state of preservation, complete with all their elements, unused, with all the original packaging.

It is understood that the Purchaser is fully responsible for transport risks for Product returns.

The Vendor shall take consignment of returned Products, reserving the right to verify that they have been returned in the same state as consigned to the Purchaser. To this end, the Product should be wrapped in its original wrapping with further protective packaging to preserve its integrity and protect it from written markings or labels.

The Vendor shall refund the full amount paid for the Products to the Purchaser without charge, except for transport charges and any duties, within the terms established by law, provided that the Products are returned in accordance with the above provisions.

The refund shall be paid by chargeback or refund of any sums paid by the Purchaser for the purchase of the Products, according to the form of payment used.

Where purchases have been made by credit card, the refund will depend on the credit card used and in all cases shall be credited within two card statements.

10. Copyright

All content on the Website is protected by copyright. All proprietary rights are held by Jilpardo S.r.l..
This Website may not be: reproduced in whole or in part, transferred by electronic or conventional means, modified, linked or used for public or commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Jilpardo S.r.l..

11. Applicable Law and place of jurisdiction

Italian law is applicable, but Purchasers cannot be denied inalienable rights established by legislation in their own country.

Any dispute arising from or in any way related to these “Terms and Conditions of Sale” shall come under the jurisdiction of the Court as defined by the rules laid down in the Italian Consumer Code (Legislative Decree No. 206 of 6 September 2005).

If relations between the Parties are conducted by professionals, the place of jurisdiction is the Court of Rome.

12. Final Provisions

If any of these terms and conditions proves to be invalid, or becomes invalid at a later date, such invalidity shall not affect the validity of the remainder of these Terms and Conditions of Sale. In such cases, the invalid provision shall be replaced with a provision that represents as faithfully as possible its intent and economic purpose, or with the appropriate legal provisions.

The Vendor reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. The general terms and conditions as amended shall be made available on

13. Security

The data of users is protected to the extent permitted against loss, falsification, manipulation and misuse by third parties.

For other legal information relating to the processing and protection of user data, please read the Website’s Privacy Policy.

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