Panetta Tailor arises thanks to Maestro Sarto Vito Panetta,born in Lucania and grown inside Fratelli Damiano’s and MaestroGiuseppe Fortunato’s tailor’s shops. In 1947 Vito Panetta goes toNaples to attend classes and to improve his skills. His teacher is Maestro Schiraldi.

Here Vito studies and works, trying to learn the best tailoring techniques by his teachers Antonio Mastrosimone and Vincenzo Costantino.


In 1949 Vito goes back home, in Lucania, and here decides to open his first tailor’s shop addressed to men’s fashion.


Not satisfied enough, he decides to move to Rome and open an atelier there to test his limits and challenge his skills. An important role is played by Vito’s wife, Rosa Miraglia Panetta, who has always supported him.


Vito and Rosa take over an old tailor’s shop in Via Sardegna, a strategic position which attracts national and international customers, becoming an important place for Italian and foreign ambassadors, businessmen and artists.

Having a Panetta garment becomes a status symbol for men who want to buy custom-made clothes, with elegance, high-quality, sobriety, so far away from the other contemporary irreverent labels.


Panetta begins to be part of the Accademia Nazionale dei Sartori, an ancient corporation born in 1575 by Papa Gregorio XII.
During these years Vito also becomes the Vice-President of  Federsarti Nazionale.


Here’s the turning point: Panetta Tailor opens its second atelier in Rome, in Via Puglie. This soon becomes the headquarters of Vito Panetta’s tailoring universe.


Since 2012 the Jilpardo Srl, a Panetta family’s company,takes over from Vito and Rosa and continues to invest on the production of high-quality tailored clothes for men. Panetta is a symbol of the authentic Made in Italy and has started to open its business to international market, especially to England.


2015: the new deal
A creative hub for refined connoiseur. Panetta’s experience continues online with the new website and e-commerce, where you can buy exclusive products presented in workshop or book a tailored suit: Bespoke Service

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