Mani del Sud: Bow Ties Artfully Created

How to renew a classic of male elegance? Craftsmanship, poetry and a mix of eccentric decorations and details. This is the recipe of “Mani del Sud”, a project born in 2013 by Raffaele Stella Brienza, who renovate the traditions of his homeland, Basilicata, in a contemporary way. So, he had the idea of enhancing this territory thanks to the production of male accessories, always been a symbol of elegance. All “Mani del Sud” bow ties are completely hand sewed and are characterized by precious watermarks or unexpected details. Other models are made of cotton or wool ribbons overlaid in order to create overlaps of contrasting colours. Every creation becomes a little jewel of Made in Italy.
Raffaele Stella Brienza was born in Potenza but adopted by Florence, where he first took a degree in Letters and Philosophy and then he specialized at Polimoda. For him, Mani del Sud represents a way to come closer to its roots. An initiative designed to rediscover and re-evaluate the intrinsic know-how of a place with a rooted culture and pragmatism. When you ask him, how this adventure began, Raffaele says: these bow ties were born by a dream. Imaging a laborer wearing the ceremony clothes for his daughter’s wedding.” This idea of a strong and symbolic gesture of a father, who created a bow tie with his own hands, becomes part of a daily routine, such as wearing a hat or a belt. So bow tie come back in the ritual of modern man with a collection of exclusively hand made products, ranging from simple fabric straws to more baroque decorations.

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