Luxury Palace Firenze

In the wonderful setting of Palazzo Capponi in Florence, last January, during  “Pitti Uomo 89”, it took place the “Luxury Palace Firenze”, a showcase of the best Italian artisan brands.

The event, brainchild of M. Bona Bonarelli, brings together 30 companies of the Made in Italy excellence, with the purpose of proving that luxury is not just a prerogative of the big brands, but also of the amazing craftsmanship world.


IMG_4229 IMG_4217

In this scenario, Panetta Tailor was named as unique and excellent elegance representative of the male bespoke.

The theme, “evening party”, was reinterpreted with three tuxedos, that telling us different stories:

The classic tuxedo

This is the base of the male wardrobe; Black, rigorous shapes and details. Men choose it to look their best in the most important occasions and for several formal events.

Elegant tuxedo

A first variation on the theme given by the precious textured fabric that creates a refined play of light and changing colors between red burgundy and black. This is definitely the perfect dress for the man who wants to stand out, but remaining at the same time within the tradition.

Memory of a tuxedo

This is a suit that likes to look as a tuxedo. It is a broken suit, midnight blue trousers and deep green jacket with a large satin blue peak lape. A game of colors and contrasts that is perfect for the utmost social occasions.


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