WWW.CARDANOCLUB.IT is the symbol of a new Renaissance Italian style exclusively dedicated to creations made in Italy with refined and contemporary details.

These are handmade products of historical brands or newer made in every Italian region, dedicated to the male wardrobe.

The name Cardano has a symbolic meaning, it is the name of an illustrious multifaceted figure of the Italian Renaissance: Girolamo Cardano. Hieronymus Cardanus was mathematician and philosopher, physician and astrologer, the son of a notary friend of Leonardo da Vinci.

Cardano not only pays attention to detail of exclusive products but it also offers services for the purchase and delivery : it offers an international e-commerce and an exclusive packaging.Cardano_PassaggioCravatte_lavorazione01 CARDANO_Sciamat_sartoria_watermark CARDANO_Gift_Box Cardano_ilLussoDelManufattoItaliano Cardano_Black_Tie Cardano_Brown_Mood Cardano_Team CARDANO_FrancescoMaglia_lavorazione_watermark Cardano_Solazzi_Gemelli_fattiamano_def